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Waste Removal and Recycling

A main concern for many customers is what happens to their items once we remove them for recycling. Fortunately, this is one of our main concerns too. We promise to recycle and promote re-use whenever possible. Our target is to recycle more than our competitors and find new ways of increasing re-use. If you have any suggestions please do get in touch.

At present, paper and metal are the easiest for us to recycle, followed by books, clothes and sometimes furniture. If you would like to help us recycle more and if you are able to, please separate these items into different bags or boxes.

The organisation Waste Watch and their sister site have some really good information about how to increase recycling.

Our Recyling Efforts

Recycling our servicesWe Clear Junk Limited is one of London's favourite waste collection and disposal services. We provide and quick and efficient house clearance and office clearance service which includes recycling and re-use.

Paper Recycling – We collect paper for recycling in small and large quantities, mostly as part of bigger office waste clearances. We always advise customers to have paper bagged or boxed separately. We are then able to guarantee that the paper will be recycled. If it is mixed up with plastic / metal we will try to sort through as much as we can, but are unable to honestly guarantee 100% recycling. Because we are here to make our customers lives easier, WE WILL DO WHATEVER YOU'D LIKE US TO! If you need things bagged, carrying, or sorted then we can do that and will confirm our quote before starting. This includes magazine recycling, leaflet recycling, pamphlet recycling, & office recycling.

Plastic Recycling – This service currently operates in central London, but we can quote for most of greater London. Due to the nature of the scheme, it only applies to collections of 100% plastic in order to guarantee plastic recycling.

Monitor Recycling – all CRT monitors and even new flat screen monitors contain hazardous waste and must be disposed of safely. We clear unwanted monitors for recycling all over London, whether a single monitor or an office clearance with 200 monitors.

I.T. & WEEE disposal and Recycling – Since the new laws for Waste Electrical & End of life Equipment came into force, companies and households are obligated to dispose of all I.T. and WEEE goods in safely in accordance with the EU legislation. We Clear Junk Limited collects unwanted electrical and WEEE goods all over London and separate items for recycling / re-use & safe disposal.

Furniture Recycling – We always try to get as much of our waste recycled or re-used as possible. Not only as company policy, but also as disposal costs are so high in the UK. 60-70% of our office collection waste is old or broken, & sometimes non-recyclable. Due to the availability of cheap furniture, it is always difficult for us to guarantee recycling of old / unwanted office furniture. We are always looking for new contacts and ways to improve the recycling and re-use rates for old office furniture, and the future certainly looks good as policy heads in the direction of re-usable materials, but currently there are large amounts of non recyclable items in offices all over London.

Office Recycling Service & Waste Disposal

Data destruction & clearing hard drives – We provide data destruction and secure hard drive destruction in addition to our waste disposal service. Many of our clients remove the hard drives themselves, leaving us to recycle the old PC, but we can do either or both. Although we provide certificates with recognised hard drive cleaning software, a recent newspaper report stated that a sledge hammer is the safest way to destroy hard drive information! Incidentally, we can also supply this service!

From removing one old fridge to a multi-storey office clearance, we can help. Our man and van rubbish clearance service also covers: commercial waste collection, IT recycling, WEEE recycling, house clearance, office clearance, old furniture disposal, builders’ waste collections, junk removal, DIY rubbish removal, & void clearances.

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