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To give a rough estimate of the price you are likely to incur with WeClearJunk please use our Estimator, we will always offer you an Estimate first on every job, but the final exact price is worked out when we come to collect your rubbish, this has proven the fairest way to ensure you get the best price available on the market today.

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Fill in the form for a no-obligation free estimate from our team. We always estimate first, and then if you go ahead and book, we also give a FREE quote when our collection team arrives.

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"Great job you did for us clearing our Office yesterday. Everything was perfect and zero hassle. I'll definitely store up more junk so I can use you again!"
J Walsh Speech Arrow
"Thanks, prompt junk removal service, polite team. All junk cleared!"
S Ellis Speech Arrow
"Yes, I was very pleased, everything was cleared quicky, no fuss. Will use you again as we will need another office clearance before christmas!"
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"Really pleasan tremoval company, the guys were super friendly & helpful. Can only recommend, thanks"
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"Clearance went well, overall very happy"
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"Thank you for an excellent service. I will post a positive review on Which Local!"
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  • 2 hour arrival windows
  • No skip license required
  • Quick Collections: Normally gone within the hour!

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