Skip Hire in London

Skip hire has historically been the main way to clear away junk in London and the UK. Skip sizes vary, as do skip hire prices, which is why we normally offer our junk clearance service, which is more fair being a pay as you go waste collection service. Sometimes our clients want a skip in addition to our service - we can book both.

Our man and van waste clearance service includes 2 men on a junk truck. Many of our clients who book builders' waste collections or old furniture collections in london, do so because we do ALL the loading, and they can get on with other important jobs instead of having to fill a skip themselves.

Another thing that clients enjoy with us, is that they don't need to book, pay, or worry about skip permits. With skip hire in London, most boroughs charge for skip permits in order for you to engage with a skip hire company.

Skip Hire Permits

Skip hire permits are necessary in most London boroughs. On some occasions, skip hire is not even possible in London (where streets are too narrow, or where skip hire vehicles are too big). Because of this, many of our clients are extremely happy with our London House Clearance service, because with our man and van collections don't require any skip license at all. A Skip Hire Permit currently costs £78 in westminster!

Skip Hire in London and Recycling

Recycling is one area where skip hire is less efficient than man and van junk removal. We separate recyclable material (like metal, paper, books, clothes, furniture) by hand, and we keep items aside for RE-USE. With skip hire in London (and in most areas), separation is automated and all the contents are tipped (leaving re-usable items broken), and recycling is achieved through shredding.

Comparing Skips versus Skip Alternatives
If you want to hire a skip in London, the challenges are:
-The extra cost of a skip hire license
-Neighbours filling your skip with their waste
-Bad access: in narrow alley or drive ways, skip hire can be difficult or impossible if the skip lorry is too big
-Waste of space: having a skip taking up your driveway or parking space for days on end
- It's a common site to see a skip in a street in London; but just as common is the practise of neighbours filling it!

With skip alternative companies like We Clear Junk Limited:
-You can choose a time slot that suits you
-We always give our customers a courtesy call to let you know we're on our way
-On arrival we give a precise quote, and only start if you're happy with it
-You ONLY pay for the amount we take, so we are a "pay as you go" service

Today's top tip: Do you have less than a full skip load of waste? Don't pay for a full skip load; with We Clear Junk, you only pay for the EXACT amount we take!

A Full truck-load is the same volume as 2 domestic skip-loads; but remember, you only pay for the amount that we take! Usually we are gone within the hour!

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From removing one old fridge to a multi-storey office clearance, we can help. Our man and van rubbish clearance service also covers: commercial waste collection, IT recycling, WEEE recycling, house clearance, office clearance, old furniture disposal, builders’ waste collections, junk removal, DIY rubbish removal, & void clearances.

"Great job you did for us clearing our Office yesterday. Everything was perfect and zero hassle. I'll definitely store up more junk so I can use you again!"
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"Thanks, prompt junk removal service, polite team. All junk cleared!"
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"Yes, I was very pleased, everything was cleared quicky, no fuss. Will use you again as we will need another office clearance before christmas!"
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"Really pleasan tremoval company, the guys were super friendly & helpful. Can only recommend, thanks"
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"Clearance went well, overall very happy"
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"Thank you for an excellent service. I will post a positive review on Which Local!"
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  • 2 hour arrival windows
  • No skip license required
  • Quick Collections: Normally gone within the hour!

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